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Each month we deliver a new murder mystery box. Each mystery is only $ 35, plus a flat rate for shipping. You are free, however, to send us any extra money that you have just lying around and don't really need. We promise to give it a good home. We ship our mysteries only to mailing addresses within the United States.

Dear Holmes: Mail-based Victorian Mysteries

Turn your letter box into a mystery box. Sherlock's clients and sources are now your pen pals. How It Works. 1. Monthly Mysteries. Hone your deductive skills by digging into a new Victorian-era mystery each month. 2. Letters At Your Door. One by one, letters will arrive at your door with new clues to help you build a theory of the case.

Hunt A Killer | Murder Mystery Games

Hunt A Killer is an immersive murder mystery game told over the course of six "episodes" or boxes. Each box is filled with different clues and physical items such as autopsy reports, witness statements, and more. You'll use these clues to solve the ongoing murder mystery. In the final episode you'll be able to catch the killer!

True Crime Game Kits and Subscription Crates - True Crime ...

Just like the book-of-the-month idea, game kits are boxes that arrives in the mail. They contain assorted clues, artifacts and other items to challenge you to solve a crime. You can order one specific box, or sign up as a subscription and have a different box arrive each month. Here is an example from

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Each box (retail value $60+) comes with gear that real investigators use along with activities designed to let you learn by doing. Recommended for ages 16 and up; ages 10-15 with adult supervision. Your first box contains a free one-year subscription to our online detective game. Examine the evidence and solve …

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International Mystery Box - Candy + Free Surprise Limited Edition - Mystery Candy Box - Mystery Boxes - Weird Stuff Subscription Box - Tik Tok Candy - Tiktok Candy Trends - Mystery Box for Women, Men or Kids. $24.97. $24. .

A cool gift for kids, mysteries by mail - Mail Order Mystery

Each mystery is personalized, so kids are heroes of their own stories. Kids receive a package full of cool objects and curious letters from knights, trolls, pirates, spies, and more! Inspire kids with the gift of learning and the magic of mystery and adventure. Treasure Hunt! $90.00. The Enchanted Slumber. $90.00. Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!

Solve-A-Mystery Game Subscription - Society of Curiosities

The Memory Stone. A 100-year old cold case is revived. Follow the voyage of a former Society member and unravel a story that will take you from the jungles of Brazil to the heart of Europe in this solve-a-mystery game. Dispatch your team on the ground and retrieve the fabled Memory Stone! View Subscription Options.

5 Murder Mystery Subscription Boxes That Will Keep You in ...

Dec 03, 2020· Murder Mystery Box Murder Mystery Box. Murder Mystery Box is quarterly, so every few months, you receive a "curious box" that gives you an adventure to follow to solve a crime. You'll receive an object (a journal, case file, personal log, diary, or similar) that summarizes the crime that's been committed.

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The Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly subscription box service for lovers of mystery and suspense. With your subscription, a new mystery box filled with puzzles, evidence, and interviews will be delivered to your door. Each box is a standalone mystery that requires no additional boxes to complete. Frequently asked questions.

The Best Murder Mystery Subscription Boxes For Adults

Sep 04, 2020· Why Play These Games. It's been a tough year for most people, and it doesn't seem if it's going to go away for some time. So, having a chance to enjoy some amateur sleuthing is a fun way to relax and unwind and with new subscription mystery boxes there is always a new case to solve.

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Oct 11, 2019· Solving a Murder with CosyKiller Subscription Box. I lift up the unassuming brown box, stamped Fairhall & Brett Inheritance Recovery. I turn the box over slowly in my hands, but it gives nothing away. I pry open the seal; out wafts the scents of spice and ash and the journal lands hard on the desk, leaving a sooty mark.

Mystery Subscription Boxes - Sleuth Kings

Immerse Yourself in an Interactive Mystery Every Month. 1. Receive Your Case. Get new case files full of clues, evidence, and puzzles directly to your door each month. 2. Complete Clues & Puzzles. Use your own detective skills and email back-and-forth with Lead Detective Sullivan King to solve the case.

Murder Mystery Box

Experience a Murder Mystery Box. Follow the journal, review the evidence & clues, deduce your conclusion, and continue to the resolution of the case. Free shipping for your Murder Mystery Box. Do you have what it takes to solve this murder mystery in a bo

12 Best Mystery And Escape Room Subscription Boxes ...

34 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes to Gift In 2021 - Top Subscripti...

The 10 Best Subscription Boxes For Murder Mystery Fans

Aug 31, 2020· Sleuth Kings. Work alongside Lead Detective Sullivan King to solve a new mystery each month. Receive rewards for each case you complete and get a free box for every four you solve. Up to four people can play at a time, making this a great option to play with a few friends. Each case takes roughly three hours to solve.

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We will send your mystery box on the same, or next working day! The best part? We will send it anywhere in the UK free of charge via Royal Mail 2nd Class, Signed For! 1st Class options are also available if you need your box in a hurry! We can, and do regularly, send mystery boxes outside of …

The 7 Best Mystery and Escape Room Subscription Boxes ...

Mar 02, 2021· The Deadbolt Mystery Society. The Deadbolt Mystery Society (starts at $24.99) is standing by waiting for your help in solving a tantalizing mystery every month. Each box contains original interactive mysteries complete with immersive scenarios, intriguing characters, and compelling plotlines. Puzzles are written and designed by expert escape ...

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Unbox a Mystery Box instantly online. Authentic Mystery Box products. Guaranteed delivery. Supreme, Bape and Gucci for up to 95% off

7 Best Murder Mystery and Escape Room Subscription Boxes

Each box contains all the clues and riddles you'll need to solve each month's mystery. All you need to do is provide the friends, families, and drinks 🙂. Best Escape Room Subscription Boxes. Here are the best mystery and escape room subscription boxes that you must try during your next game night. 1. Escape the Crate

The Best Mystery and Immersive Story Subscription Boxes ...

Apr 01, 2020· Not all mystery subscription boxes have a bloodthirsty murderous theme to them. Escape The Crate is one such example. It's an escape room in a box, basically. Each month, you and a group of friends can work together to solve riddles, puzzles, and codes, all in a bid to escape the virtual room within the box.

Case Options - Mystery Subscription Boxes - Sleuth Kings

Great for experienced puzzle solvers. • Each Mystery is stand alone. • Work with Detective Sullivan King. • Receive a physical case file full of clues. • Requires 2 – 3 hours to solve. • Contains a reward for solving the case. • Regularly ships by the 4th of each month. Get Master Detective.

Escape The Crate

A 2 month subscription has only one box, since it is shipped out bi-monthly. A 4 month subscription will have 2 boxes, and a 6 month will have 3 boxes. Subscriptions renew on the 14th or 15th of the month every OTHER month. Feel free to cancel anytime by logging into your Cratejoy account.

The 6 Best Puzzle Subscription Boxes That Are Fun to Solve

Oct 13, 2020· 5. Deadbolt Mystery Society. This cool box promises a crate filled with puzzles, evidence, and interviews each month. Each of the boxes is a standalone mystery, which means you won't need to learn any backstory before jumping in. Some of the puzzles are solvable with just the items in the box, and some require you to go online.

5 Best Murder Mystery Box Games in 2021 – Cold Case ...

Apr 06, 2021· 1. Hunt A Killer. Subscription Service. Starts at $30.00 per month. Buy on Hunt A Killer. Buy on Amazon. You can subscribe to this Murder Mystery Box on a monthly basis, and also choose a 6 or 12 month option. You'll get all the materials, and clues to examine, and markup, so you can sort through suspects, alibis, and timelines.

The Best Mystery and Immersive Story Subscription Boxes ...

Mar 25, 2019· Not all mystery subscription boxes have a bloodthirsty murderous theme to them. Escape The Crate is one such example. It's an escape room in a box, basically. Each month, you and a group of friends can work together to solve riddles, puzzles, and codes, all in a bid to escape the virtual room within the box.

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