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A bluebird nest tends to vary between 5″ x 6″ in size. The male eastern bluebirds are often characterized by having a reddish breast area, blue feathers for the upper part body, and a mostly white belly. On the other hand, the eastern bluebird have a grayish-blue head, a buffy throat and breast area and mostly down light blue tails ...

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Building Your Bluebird Box. Recommended Nest Box Specifications. Roofs-More Than You Wanted To Know. BAN Eastern Bluebird Nest Box. NABS Children's Eastern Bluebird Nest Box. Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box. Gilbertson Conduit/Rebar Mounting System. Gilwood Bluebird Nest Box. Peterson Bluebird Nest Box. Screech Owl Nest Box. Troyer Bluebird Nest Box

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Oct 13, 2019· Nestbox Builder: More than 20 free birdhouse plans, including bluebird houses and designs for other native cavity-nesting birds. Missouri Department of Conservation: Single-board house plans and construction tips for Missouri's state , the eastern bluebird.

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Helpful Tips. Position the nest box so that the entrance hole is facing east and towards open habitat. To decrease competition from Tree Swallows, you can pair nest boxes about 15–20' apart, with pairs of houses about 300' from each other. Clean out old nests as soon as a brood fledges so that the nest box can be used for a second nest attempt.


Plan 4 Nest Box For: Tree Swallow Eastern Bluebird Great Crested Flycatcher ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: The box to to last sears, to easy access tt cannot entelings and. if of cypress, mace last i' painted with type to Do not use pants that contain C.' wood Such is the top it notwarp. MOURTING By using the in the top and 01 the may

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May 10, 2021· This slant-front bluebird house is a bit more challenging to build than the basic nesting box, but the interesting design is worth the effort. Bluebirds like this nest box too, and they will readily move in to raise their brood. This article shows how I built this bluebird nest box, including diagrams, photos, and step-by-step instructions.

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Dec 12, 2019· Bluebird Nest Box Plans and Instructions. The nest box illustrated below was designed by the Connecticut Bluebird Working Group. More skill is required for constructing this box, but it is easier to mount. This nest box has an entry-hole predator guard and opens on the side for easy monitoring and cleaning. Plans for a simple, yet effective ...

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The eastern bluebird's breeding season in Kentucky extends from March through July, although they may occasionally ini-tiate nesting into September. Peak breeding activity in Ken- ... Bluebirds readily accept constructed nest boxes and in some cases prefer them to natural cavities. These boxes are easy to build, erect, and maintain. Bluebirds ...

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Classic 22 Side-Opening Box (NestboxBuilder.com) Designed by Fred Stille. Eastern, Western, and Mountain Bluebirds. Free Plans – Click Here to Download PDF. If you are looking to purchase a pre-made bluebird house, check out the nest boxes I recommend …

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Jun 29, 2012· Cut the front of the box, 5" wide and 10 3/4" long, with an entrance hole (a 1 1/2" hole for eastern bluebirds or western bluebirds, and 1 9/16" hole where ranges for the two overlap with mountain bluebirds) whose center is 2" from the top and 2 1/2" from each side. Using the chisel, cut deep crisscross scratches on the inside of the front panel.

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Jun 29, 2012· Cut the front of the box, 5" wide and 10 3/4" long, with an entrance hole (a 1 1/2" hole for eastern bluebirds or western bluebirds, and 1 9/16" hole where ranges for the two overlap with mountain bluebirds) whose center is 2" from the top and 2 1/2" …

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Eastern Bluebird House Plans | for ventalation as shown western and mountain bluebird nest box. Eastern Bluebird House Plans | for ventalation as shown western and mountain bluebird nest box. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by ...

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Bluebird Nesting Box Plan (PDF) How to put together your bluebird box kit (10:28) Woodcrafting for Wildlife The North American Bluebird Society The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania (BSP) Bluebird Basics. Eastern bluebirds have long been the …

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Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Plans. Print the eastern bluebird nest box plans. Visit the Eastern Bluebird page. See where they live. Then visit the Eastern Bluebird Nest Box page. Read about building the birdhouse. Last, build and install it in the right place.

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Apr 26, 2019· Others put up a second box nearby only when a non-bluebird species has claimed a nest box first. Ironically, the cutting of Eastern forests, especially pine woods, for agriculture in the nineteenth century may have actually benefited Eastern Bluebirds by creating additional foraging and nesting …

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When you put up or open your bluebird box depends on your location. Bluebird boxes should typically be in place by mid-March. If you reside in the southern states where bluebirds are year-round residents, early March is a good time. In cooler, wetter years, nesting may start later than usual.

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May 29, 2020· Bluebird Nestbox Styles: Pros and Cons . THIS PAGE IS EVOLVING. INPUT DESIRED! Need plan links for some. Need floor dimensions and hole-to-floor depth! More pictures/drawings would be good - but I don't have them for all styles, and it might make page load too slowly.

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Mar 29, 2020· This bluebird nesting box is designed to be attractive to bluebirds, simple in design and construction, easy to monitor, and resistant to inclement weather and predators. Birdhouses are not one-size-fits-all so always choose a nesting box plan that is intended for the species you wish to attract.

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In this video, I build a bluebird house with slot entry. This birdhouse for bluebirds help them defend their nest better.Download Plans:

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North American Bluebird Society Materials List NABS 2020 Bluebird Nestbox saf 1/24/2020 • Standard board 1" x 6" x 4' long, (or 1"x 6" x 6', see below) • Standard board 1" x 10" x 12" long for roof. Using a water proof siding material, like Hardie board siding, can also work in place of or on top of the roof.

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Mount nesting boxes by mid-March, with the base of the box about 4 to 5 feet above the ground. Do not change the size of the entrance: 1 1/2 inches is correct for bluebirds. If you paint or stain the box, use a light color only on the outside of the box. A bluebird box should never have a perch. Sparrows and wrens are attracted to

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Bluebird houses should be mounted at a height of from 5 LOCATION to 7 feet, measured from the ground to the floor of the Selecting a suitable location for the bluebird house is of house. They should be set out by February 15. utmost importance. Unfortunately, bluebirds rarely nest in cities, large towns, or close-in suburban areas.

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Nesting Box Plans: How to build a nesting box. There are myriad plans for building Bluebird Nesting Boxes –I will leave it to the reader to find one that works best for them. In general, a box made of untreated wood that is approximately 4 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches with a circular hole 1.5 inches in diameter should work in most places.

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Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box Drawing by Oon Bragg is not Note that the Gilbertson box with the round entrance has a different roof design than the Gilbertson box with the slot entrance. The roof designs are inverted ... Eastern Bluebird Nestbox Plans Author: Staff Created Date:

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Eastern Bluebirds: floors in wooden boxes should be approximately 4 x 4 inches or 5 x 5 inches (Peterson style boxes are some what smaller), floors of circular boxes (such as PVC pipe) should be approximately 4 inches in diameter. Western or Mountain Bluebird boxes should be at least 5 x 5 inches or 5 ½ x 5 ½ inches to accommodate larger ...

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Bluebird Nest Box Plans. There are several houses to choose from. Pick the one that best suits your needs. All of these plans have been checked and approved by the North American Bluebird Society. Note: When choosing wood for boxes, it is important to use a wood that will weather well. Cedar, redwood, etc are some examples. Avoid treated lumber.

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