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There's also the free MyShop Gift Boxes you recieve for reaching certain levels. A lv 40 Gift Box (red) can be sold for around 2m and Level Up Boxes (purple) can go for 5-6m. The two lv 100 Gift Boxes sell for 12-15m each. If you already opened any of those boxes.....kick yourself. Those …

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Apr 07, 2011· Lv. 120 Gift Box (2x Resurrect Scroll) Level 140. Lv. 140 Gift Box (1x Snappy Sprint or 1x Gallant Sprint or 1x Flying Horse Department) 7 วัน. Lv. Up Gift Box (สุ่มไอเทมประเภท "Use" จากมายช็อป) Level 160. Lv. 160 Gift Box (5x Gift Factory Pass) Level 180.

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Dec 17, 2014· Attr-compounds instead of Res-compounds, but also lvl 140 vs lvl 180 and less MD/DP. As far as the price, I feel like keeping it at 50k instead of lowering it will help to prevent the market from getting flooded with them, which will help in keeping the resale value high for those that do shell out 50k for one (or already had one).

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Icon Name Level Points Sill Wes box 60 Sill Wes box 190 Sill Wes box 250: 1 1 1: 2,000 Pts 3,300 Pts 4,000 Pts Happy Cinamorol Random Box 90 Happy Cinamorol Random Box 180

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Required Value Weight Level 0 100 3 Description Brought to you by Megalo company for achieving a new level! Use Box. Double click to open. How to Obtain

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Prince Tutankhamen's Box: Rachel's Gift Box: Rare Chaos Box: Rare Nightmare Celtic Box 140: Rare Nightmare Celtic Box 220: Rare Nightmare Celtic Box 300: RTO BOX 1: RTO BOX 2: RTO BOX 3: RTO December Gift Box: RTO Halloween Gift Box: Sheep Halo Box 60: Splish Splash Yupika VR: Stage 1 Requiem Box: Stage 2 Requiem Box: Succubus Nyxx Box 60 ...

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30 · 1x Level 120 Gift Box, 1x Questionable Letter Resurrection and enlightenment quest item …

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Required Value Weight Level 0 100 3 Description Brought to you by Megalo company for achieving a new level! Use Box. Double click to open. How to Obtain

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When you reach a milestone (Lv5, 10, etc.), check your MyShop inventory for the level up gift boxes as they contain galder coupons and free pots. When you hit Lv40, sell your Lv40 gift box (containing a Snappy or Stallion Sprint) for 1~2 mil. Collect all the monster drops as …

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Chaos's Feathers are used for tempering equipment to increase individual stats and/or overall 'Potential'. To access tempering speak to the Alan NPC, located in Shop maps in various Towns.Use Gold Gems to increase the range for certain stats, these can be obtained from Level Up Gift Boxes.The number of Chaos Feathers required for tempering have been decreased from 3 to 1.

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Trickster Online Level Up Gifts List by LeiMagnus. Aegis wanted me to post this for you guys. Note, it's from T-0, so the names will vary. The first item listed is readable. All others are from boxes. This list is still incomplete. Level Gifts Received 2 Level Up Guide 5 Recovery Guide; HP Potion x20; MP Potion x20

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Finally, the top five players with the most Poppuri Boxes at the end of the event will receive special prizes, including a pet, GM gift certificates and Megalo Vouchers. About Trickster Online Revolution. Trickster Online Revolution is a free-to-play, full-featured MMORPG that appeals to the casual gamer.

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Legendary Spicy Dragon Box 400: 1 30,000 MS GM Lucky Bag: 0 N/A GM Wan's Halloween Box: 1 N/A Gun Box 300: 1 15,000 MS Mileage Box 30: 1 2 Mileage Mileage Box 70: 1 3 Mileage Mileage Box 140: 1 4 Mileage Mileage Box 190: 1 5 Mileage RTO BOX 1: 1 N/A RTO BOX 2: 1 N/A RTO BOX 3: 1 N/A RTO December Gift Box: 1 N/A RTO Halloween Gift Box: 1 N/A ...

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Special compound stones are found in-game for player use. Level 50 ~ 335 magic compound stones can be drilled or received from exchanges, level 395 and 900 compound stones are exchanged with Star Gazer Stella in Megalopolis Shop (use Mind's Eye to see her), and level 1500 stones are received from Koiosu Box. 1 Level 50 - 335 Magic Stones 1.1 Magic Stone 260 & 275 1.2 Magic Stones 290 & …

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Level 1 0 1 Description This box contains random myshop usables. And a small chance to get a Kitty Sprint 140. Use Box. Double click to open. How to Obtain Exchange for … -

Jun 09, 2021· コロナウイルス. の(3618); びにするなおらせ(3531); コロナウイルスへのにうのについて(371) ...

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Jul 12, 2014· Page 1 of 2 - rTO Level Up Reward Discussion - posted in General Discussion: To claim these rewards: login on the website > Manage Account > Event > Go to event... > Level reward Sooo there are some item which arent on wiki and I want to start a discussion for it. I want to get more info on those what arent linked with wiki. Here is the list: Level - Rewards 10 10,000 galders + [TH] Feather ...

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Lv. Up Gift Box. You can get Level Up Gift Box by three ways: 1) Azteca Monster Quests - There are 3 quests, each round gives you 30, so in total you can get 450 boxes per character. 2) Shadow Daily Quests - You must have a guardian to do these monster quests, there is one per town, and it's 30 per round, so in total you can get 270 boxes per ...

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May 16, 2015· Trickster Online Community; Trickster Online Discussion; General Discussion; ... Mileage Box 140 = 4 Mileage. Mileage Box 190 = 5 Mileage . Also, keep in mind, ... wow only last for a month i don't plan on donating. prob just going to buy lvl 40 lvl up box for a 7 day sprint. Back to top #8 sucorolhos Posted 17 May 2015 - 01:08 AM.

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