can i send a dye works potion in a gift box on neopets map

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As you can see in the screenshot above there is this image with a Skeith at the bottom of the shop page that asks for a PIN number. This is a Neopets protection system, you can protect your shop with a PIN number so that no one can make any changes to the items in your shop without the PIN number.

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Neopets - Dyeworks

If you possess one of the items below and a Hue Brew Potion, we can get started. I'm afraid the colour randomising magic only works on certain items -- usually old, rare treasures, from what I've discerned. Not to worry, you'll get your original item back, as well as the new one.

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Note: We typically add false inflation alerts on any items that have jumped 300% or more in price compared to our current listed price. We typically only do this for items costing >100,000 NP, or buyable items that have gone unbuyable. For example, an item that goes from 500 NP …

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Dec 14, 2017· You can get them from the NC Mall through the Gift Box Mystery Capsules. Each capsule has a guaranteed 2 boxes and it's possible to receive a max of 5 boxes from a single cap. I've been playing Trudy's Surprise everyday for the last year since it came out and I have around 30 gift boxes. Just hang in there and I'm sure you'll get some.

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Nov 29, 2005· Continue on to the shop marked with a potion bottle. He wants you to find a special flower called the "Arbendus" shouldn't be to difficult, this quest will be continued on in the shadowglen part of the Act. Go to the shop marked with a gift box, Grab …

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You've signed out. Return to your account to enjoy buying and selling.

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Apr 15, 2021· Dyeworks. On June 30, 2014, Loic opened up his Dyeworks shop to allow Neopians to change the color of popular NC Mall items. You'll need one of his potions and the NC item in question to get started. The Dyeing Process. To get started, you'll need to purchase a Dyeworks potion …

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The following 171 lists have Dyeworks Celebration Hue Brew Potion marked as up for trade: TL: Please only contact if you have my WL//Not seeking GBCs! NC Items UFT (Online Daily!) UFT. If I have something you want feel free to neomail me to discuss. NC Trades -- my stuff! NC Stuff I Have! NC I Own (Most UFT, Offers welcome!)

Dyeworks Magenta: Seashell Throne | Neopets Wardrobe

Jul 31, 2019· Item Information. Now you can live like underwater royalty! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

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You will need to purchase a Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion from the NC Mall for 125NC or if you have an exclusive potion, you can use that. Next, you will need to have both the Hue Brew Potion and the item you want to dye in your inventory. Then, visit NC Dyeworks and click on the item you want to dye. Hue Brew Potions. Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion. 125 NC.

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May 08, 2021· Just send me a neomail to inquire! I'm pretty flexible when trading these items. All of these are estimated ~1-2 value. Can take GBC in exchange for most of these, and for the more common/junky items, I'll even gladly do a 2:1. Numbers on items indicate which of my side accounts they're on, for my reference only.


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If you don't have a reply from me within the next 24 hours, please re-send! When I make an offer, I wait for a reply before searching for the same item(s). So please, if you refuse my offer or you don't want to negotiate, at least let me know so I can move on and try to find another trader;) -----Gift Box: 45 GBC: 58= 24 (Regular) + 34 (BF 27.11)

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Jun 11, 2021· Subscribing to Neopets Premium will cost you (or your friend or relative) $7.95 per month (roughly €5/6 Euro), which works out to $95.40 for twelve months. You can also choose to be billed every four months, at a cost of $24.95 every cycle, or $74.85 a year. If you choose to get billed by the year, the cost is $69.95.

Negg Point Value Guide | Neopets Items

May 29, 2021· Home; Negg Point Value Guide; Negg Point Value Guide View: Negg Point Guide Neggery Purchase Guide. Below is a list of neggs that may be traded in for Negg Points at the Neggery in the Ice Caves. We list the estimated market price as well, and the number of …

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A Beginner's Guide to NC Trading - Neopets

There is no base currency because you can't trade items for NC. The only "currency" so to speak is gift boxes, which you can get in several ways: from site events like Trudy's Surprise, from a GBC (see next section), or from redeeming a Neocash card. In order to send a Neocash item to someone, you need to put it in a gift box.

Neopets - New Features

Jan 27, 2014· Nickelodeon Games Cards are on sale! When you visit any GameStop store in the US between 1/27-2/16 you can get $5 off the $25 Monkey Quest Nickelodeon Game Cards. :) You can use these game cards to redeem NC on! Click here to find a …

Dyeworks Pink: Stunning Moon View Background | Neopets ...

Item Information. Now you can admire a breathtaking view of the moon! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

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1/2 Sour Lime Pizza. 24,000 NP. 1/2 Spicy Taco Pizza. 9,900 NP. 1/2 Starberry Pizza. 9,000 NP. 1/2 Starry Chocolate Usul Cake. 11,500 NP. 1/2 Strawberry Cream Pizza.

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If you do not know how dyeworks lending works, then please read the following: Let's say you'd like to borrow my Sparkling Faerie Wings to dye. In that case I would ask you for a small item in return for a lend - normally it's a dyeworks potion, a gift box capsule, a small custom from the mall or any small wish the trader is looking for.

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Below is the old maraqua map. The aquatic petpets were thought to have been released shortly after. On August 18th, 2001, a mysterious pirate destroyed Maraqua and the aquatic petpets were moved to the rock pool on Mystery Island. You can read an old eyewitness account here. The petpets were then revamped (or converted if you will) on August ...

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