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"OPEN BOX" Meaning - The eBay Community

Aug 09, 2020· 08-08-2020 07:32 PM. To me open box means someone has opened it, looked it over and returned it to the box, unused like new. I bought a open box 20" luggage that did not come in the original box, but it was new with tags and had everything. And yes, it should be 10/10 otherwise it's used. Message 4 of 7.

Should You Buy an Open Box Laptop? - 2NDGEAR

Mar 17, 2021· The pros of purchasing an open box laptop are obviously and most evidently the huge price drop. Once the merchandise is removed from the box its value immediately decreases, and much of the time, an open box laptop simply is a like-new laptop …

How to Open a Stock and Options Trading Account with ...

Feb 14, 2018· You want to check that box to indicate yes, that is what you want. It does not mean you have to trade more than 3 times a month, but they are looking for an active trader. You will need your social security number and your employer's name and address to open …

Why Is Open Stock Price Different Than Closed Stock Price ...

Mar 05, 2019· The closing price of a stock one day and its open price the next day are often different. That's because news about a company can, and often does, come out while the market is …

What Does 'Open Box' Mean? - YouTube

Nov 07, 2016· BLINQ sells products in multiple conditions. If you've ever wondered what 'open box' products look like, check out BLINQ team member Claire opening a variety...

How to Understand a Stock Quote - Investopedia

Dec 14, 2020· For example, a beta of one means the stock moves with the market, while a beta of 1.1 indicates the stock moves 10% more than the market. The Bottom Line Stock quotes consist of …

50 retail terms every retailer needs to know | Vend POS

Big Box Store. Its name pretty much says it all. A big box store is a large establishment (often in a square or rectangular-shaped building), that's usually part of a major retail chain. Examples of such stores include Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

What does open box mean? – Q&A – Best Buy

Beware of open box. I have had a lot of success with open box, however buyer beware. I just tried to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 as open box. It was listed as satisfactory meaning that it would have all the required items but may be missing non-essential items. Went …

What does 'open box' mean? - Quora

open box items are typically from three categories: 1. Returned items: (best) These are items that people brought back within the return period. They usually just decided to exchange the items for something else or decided that they didn't want th...

Meaning of A-Stock, B-Stock, C-Stock, D-Stock

'A-Stock'; What does 'A-Stock' mean for retail products? 'A Stock' means ' NEW '! Refers to units / items / products that are 'New in the Box', never used, right off the 'line' (other than any cursory un-boxing / re-boxing at a distributor / retailer level for quality assurance inspecting / checking) with the full manufacturers warranty ...

Definition of Position in Stock Trading | Pocketsense

Jul 27, 2017· Definition of Position in Stock Trading. A "position" is a single stock that a trader owns in his portfolio. For example, a trader may own three different stocks, i.e., "carry three positions." The term "position" may be used in a variety of trading contexts and situations.

What is Open High Low Close in Stocks? | Analyzing Alpha

Open means the price at which a stock started trading when the opening bell rang. It can be the same as where the stock closed the night before, but not always. Sometimes events such as company earnings reports that happen in after-hours trading can alter a stock…

What Is 'Open-Box' and Should You Buy It?

Jul 23, 2018· What Does 'Open-Box' Mean? When you see an item marked as "open-box," it means just that: the package has been opened. It's likely been returned for some reason, but not necessarily because it's damaged. According to a report from the consulting firm Accenture, only 5% of returns are related to item defects. An open-box product could simply be ...

What EXACTLY Happens with Open Box Laptops? - Best Buy …

Mar 14, 2019· 03-12-2019 07:43 PM. Hi! I recently purchased an open box laptop from Best Buy: The condition was listed as "Satisfactory", but it looks practically brand new. Very happy with the purchase, except I've apparently forgotten my tinfoil hat and I'm a little concerned about if the laptop was messed with in any way before it was returned.

What is your opinion on Best Buy's open box excellent ...

as a employee, excellent certified open box items tend to be as close to new as you will get with a returned item. Most of the time it's someone opened a laptop and realized they didn't want it and returned it ( sometimes they never even powered i...

What does open box mean? - Definitions.net

Definition of open box in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of open box. What does open box mean? Information and translations of open box in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

9 Secrets Best Buy Shoppers Need to Know | Kiplinger

Nov 22, 2016· Similarly, open-box items in Best Buy stores can be real bargains. These are purchases returned unused by customers for a variety of reasons other than the item being defective.

The Meaning of Deadstock and It's Importance ...

This means that they could be deadstock but don't have any clear indications of being used. They also come along with the original box and packaging. These sneakers must still have the tags on them as well. These types of sneakers can be found at clearance outlets and factories on the inside isles.

Open stock - definition of open stock by The Free Dictionary

Define open stock. open stock synonyms, open stock pronunciation, open stock translation, English dictionary definition of open stock. n. Merchandise kept in stock so as to enable customers to replace or supplement articles, such as dishes, purchased in sets.

Open Order Definition

Jun 03, 2020· Open Order Risks . Open orders can be risky if they remain open for a long period of time. After you place an order, you are on the hook for the …

Candlestick chart - Wikipedia

A candlestick chart (also called Japanese candlestick chart) is a style of financial chart used to describe price movements of a security, derivative, or currency.Each "candlestick" typically shows one day, thus a one-month chart may show the 20 trading days as 20 candlesticks. Candlestick charts can also be built using intervals shorter or longer than one day.

What do open, close, high, and low mean?, investing and money

Let's start with the term open.The term open is actually referring to a particular exchange rate.The open exchange rate is the official rate at which the stock market exchange opens on a trading day.This rate is not going to stay for particularly long, however. Next, we move to the term close.The trading term close refers to two different ...

How to Read a Stock Table/Quote | Desjardins Online Brokerage

This typically does not include the previous day's trading. Column 3: Company Name & Type of Stock This column lists the name of the company. If there are no special symbols or letters following the name, it is common stock. Different symbols imply different classes of shares. For example, "pf" means the shares are preferred stock.

Wayfair open box items? | GBCN

Feb 08, 2018· I am reading their FAQs and it does not address how open box items are handled. They have some amazing deals, but I am not sure if I should be wary? I cannot even tell if they are final sale items. There is a light fixture I am looking at that is open box for …

What does B Stock Mean: B-Stock, Refurbished and ...

Open Box items are usually store demos or possibly customer exchanges. In some cases, you may see Open Box at the end of a product title to delineate this. These items are "like new" and come with full manufacturer's warranty.

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Open Box Strandberg Boden Classic 6 Pau Ferro Fingerboard Electric... 0 of 5 stars. (1) Open Box: $1,315.60. Open Box Schecter Guitar Research Reaper-6 FR-S Electric Guitar. 0 of 5 stars. (1) Open Box: $940.72. Open Box Jackson Kelly JS32T Electric Guitar.

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